Efor HealthCare

Efor Healthcare is a consulting agency dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry and medical devices. With more than one hundred consultants, Efor Healthcare is the reference partner of the healthcare sector.

Brief and request context
Efor’s request was to create a customised and personalized website in order to showcase the two medical services of our client:

  • Medical devices
  • Drugs launching

This new website also had to be multilingual.


A tailor-made web solution

So Efor addressed its request to our web agency to realize a tailor-made solution. We used the Python development language to create a fully customizable website.

With this development language and the CMS Mezzanine, we start with the most minimalist site possible and create a web interface adapted to our clients’ real needs.

About UX Design, we’ve created pictograms in the image of the graphic charter. This advanced customization enables to transpose the visual identity of Efor Heathcare on the web.


Search engine optimization

After corporate website realized, we also worked on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of Efor Healthcare. We regularly ensure that the titles and metas descriptions of the different pages respect Search engines’ such as Google, but also Yahoo, Bing standards.
We work the entire lexical field of consulting in the pharmaceutical industry to get a better positioning on the results pages or SERP (Search Engine Result Page).
Beyond a better ranking to increase the visibility of the website, we propose a better user experience for Internet users. Our digital agency Askin helps you to stand out from the competition as well onsite!


Results and performance

The creation of their website has allowed Efor to increase its visibility on all the services offered and to assert its leadership.

The optimization of SEO has increased the positioning of our client and brought him quality leads.
Following this link, you can find Efor Healthcare website.

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