Evoly Consulting

Evoly Consulting is a consulting company, that is expert in business diagnostics and strategy. It also offers services in management of innovation financing, including CIR and CII certifications.

Brief and context of the request

Evoly Consulting called our development agency to create a administrable responsive, and customised website with the aim of highlighting the company’s activities and services.

This website should also include access to the extranet for professionals. This type of request is common among consulting agencies that need to make premium content available to their customers.

A personalized website

Following the request of Evoly Consulting, we opted for Python development language. Indeed, this programming language makes it possible to obtain a customizable and flexible website.

For the webdesign, we applied rigorously the graphic charter of Evoly Consulting to have a site that is in compliance with the brand image, attractive and modern.

Search engine optimization

To gain visibility on the web and search engines, we have implemented the website Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We have made various technical optimizations on the site to make it the most Google friendly possible. We could deliver to our client a website that is correctly referenced to its BtoB target, and positioned on relevant keywords for its consulting business.

Results and performances

Thanks to this customised website, Evoly Consulting was able to gain visibility and can now establish its position in its business sector, in search engines. The implementation of SEO has allowed our client to have a better positioning and to stand out from the competition.

The website provides access to professionals, and it offers the possibility to Evoly Consulting to highlight premium content via restricted access. Finally, the corporate website, accessible to all, highlights the consulting activities of our client and is positioned as an excellent channel for the recruitment of new consultants.

To visit the Evoly Consulting website, click here.

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