Google Adwords is an important lever because 55% of Internet users do not differentiate Adwords ads and natural results*.

By accompanying our customers in the optimization of their natural referencing, we discovered that Google Adwords had become an essential lever for them.

These two acquisition levers are complementary and rest on common bases:

  • Definition of a keywords list
  • Creating landing pages with content dedicated to a keyword
  • Writing relevant titles and descriptions for both landing pages and Adwords ads

However, managing Google Adwords campaigns requires mastering the specificities of Google’s tools.

Our team is trained to optimize your campaigns according to parameters that we will strategically define together:

  • Your target
  • Timetable to get in touch with it
  • The geographic extent of your campaign
  • Your budget
  • Etc.

Why surrounding yourself with a digital agency to manage your Google Adwords campaigns?

The above-mentioned parameters are not fixed. They can and will have to be adjusted. That’s why it is essential to be assisted by an expert in Adwords campaign management. Events such as Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, Sales, Winter or Summer can affect your target, your business and therefore your Google Adwords campaigns.

In addition, Google Adwords is a tool that evolves considerably and quickly. By having a digital agency which accompanies you in the management of your campaigns, you will not waste time discovering the tool’s new features. You can then devote yourself fully to your job.


Finally, the investment on Google Adwords can be important, therefore it must be mastered.

Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can advise you in the management of your Google Adwords campaigns.