Askin is a web agency located in Lyon specialized in customised development and software creation in web and technologies of information.


From Paris to Lyon

Founded in 2006 in Paris, Ask’Interactive society, Askin, is almost exclusively positioned as a consulting agency in webmarketing and local digital solutions until 2008.

2009 marks Askin’s move to Lyon and a strong repositioning on web development. The Web marketing activities are maintained and even completed by new services such as SEO services on Google. Askin is positioning itself as a 360° web development company offering digital solutions to VSC (very small companies), SMEs and start-ups: from websites creation, graphics part included, through customised applications development up to services for natural and paid search engine marketing. The clients’ interest is to have a unique contact person concerning digital subjects, meeting both internal (business applications) and external (online presence, web communication …) digital needs.

In 2014, Askin striked out in web solutions for VSC (very small companies)/SMEs. These solutions are turnkey, integrable very quickly within organizations and easy to handle by users. The publisher solutions developed by Askin cover different needs.

  • Smarthelp is intended especially for web communication agencies and Start-ups having needs in testing management. This bug management solution aims at improving the test phases and tracking customer tickets.
  • Multipublish centralizes ad serving on one platform.

Since 2015, the company’s positioning has been accentuated on the activity related to the development of customised web platforms and the publishing of its own web solutions marketed in SAAS mode. Askin is more often involved in the implementation of solutions for the digitisation of its clients’ activities: intranet development, ERP deployment, collaborative solutions implementation and other business applications. Askin is mainly oriented towards open-source solution use, from which tailor-made developments will be done if needed. Askin’s developments are mainly done with Python language and Javascript. To this day, these languages represent in volume 90% of the projects implemented in the 5 past years within the company.

Since October 2017, Askin associated with Arneo Consulting, a marketing consulting agency supporting big companies in their digitalization process.
Arneo Consulting is part of the Venise Group, a network of consulting agencies that combines many various business expertises.

What has never changed

If the name of Askin and the proposed services have evolved, support itself has never changed. Askin accompanies the clients to study and draft specifications if they need it. We really want to provide consulting services that also go through the audit of your site for Google SEO for example.

Askin also supports its post-project clients towards new projects in general. After the creation of a website, a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service can be provided. On the bigger projects, Askin provides long term support to its clients to realize third-party applications maintenance. Moreover, actions for making initial developments evolve are often requested by our clients whose projects, simplified in version 1, are enriched with new features in versions 2, 3, etc.


Askin, agency rewarded for its innovative web projects

Proof of its seriousness and the quality of its developments, Askin received in 2013, the innovative company accreditation in software development by the Ministry for Higher Education and Research based on an experimental project in Big Data realized in Python language. This accreditation has been renewed till 2018, certifying a high level in development within Askin company.