Digitize its processes is a major challenge for any company.

The digitisation concerns both its processes and its businesses.

Time-saving, structuring of the organizations and supply, services with higher added value for your clients, comfort at work, gain in productivity, the digitisation of an activity brings many benefits to companies that carry out this approach.


Askin develops business applications like ERP (Enterprise Resource Services).

An ERP aims to standardize the information system of a company.

There are turnkey ERP but each company has is specific needs and often an ERP is a business application that it is better to customize. An ERP can cover a variable perimeter depending on companies and is concretized by the installation of modules or functional bricks, among which:

  • Production and project management,
  • Sales management,
  • Sometimes a CRM module (customer relationship management), although this one is generally dissociated,
  • Purchasing management,
  • Accounting management,
  • Stock management,
  • Human Resources Management (paid leave, employee file),
  • Payroll management, …

The advantages of implementing an ERP within a company are numerous and will allow concentration, consistency and homogeneity of information facilitating internal communication or employee mobility.

To be successful, it is particularly important that the implementation of the ERP respects and responds to the business specificities of the company.

Moreover, its ergonomics and ease of use will be important assets for its adoption by users and the questioning of existing processes in the company.

Given its impact and changing work habits, it is essential that management be a driving force and fully involved in its implementation and deployment.


Askin also offers CRM software

Customer Relationship Management is about collecting information and interactions from your company with your customers and prospects.

A CRM solution underlies two major functionalities, namely lead-to-sales management and marketing, including automation marketing.

Among its main advantages, CRM makes it possible to:

  • Unify and collect all the information of a prospect and a customer,
  • Better control the relationship with the customer,
  • Automate sales processes,
  • Have indicators to estimate the future activity of the company.

Many CRM solutions exist but in the same way as for ERP, Askin also develops tailor-made solutions to meet your specific needs.


And other tailor-made business applications…

Askin listens to your needs and supports you in digitizing your business. If ERP and CRM are business applications that have already begun to find a place in companies with more and more turnkey solutions on the market, there are many other types of business applications that we are able to develop for you:

  • Planning Management Tool
  • Project Management Tool
  • Workflow application
  • Ticket Management Tool


It is thanks to the innovative solutions we bring to our customers to meet their specific needs that we are a web agency that has been able to renew its CIR accreditation.

Do not hesitate to entrust us with your business application projects! We will assist you in digitizing your business with innovative and adapted solutions.