Askin is a digital agency located in Lyon with different skills. We propose both development and additional services such as support, design, and web marketing.



Development is the core business of Askin. Being a web agency specialized in Python language, we mainly develop web and business applications. We also develop websites using other technologies which is why we have development skills in different languages, backend and frontend.

Programming languages Backend: Python, Django, Node.js, PHP7

Programming languages Frontend: JavaScript, React.js, CSS3, HTML5


We work with different CMS to administer our web projects. We install Django CMS or Mezzanine for our projects developed in Python. Whereas, for projects about e-commerce sites, we prefer well-known CMS in this area: Prestashop and Magento.

CMS solutions used by Askin: Mezzanine, Django CMS, Prestashop, Magento


We can also talk about your projects in WordPress, Joomla, etc. We aren’t a specialized agency in one of these CMS but we use them on some projects.



Askin proposes support solutions for your projects. We advise our clients at every stage of their projects in order to best meet their needs. That’s why we are working with agile methods to satisfy them.

The support of our customers can take the form of weekly meetings for our biggest projects or help for drafting specifications for clients unfamiliar with web projects development. Moreover, you have direct access to your technical specialists. Our teams are at your disposal and very reactive.

Arneo Consulting

Associated with Askin, Arneo Consulting, strategic and operational marketing consultancy agency, assists you in every step of your project, on multiple fields of expertise :

  • Marketing stategy
  • Monitoring and continual improvement
  • Digital transformation
  • Implementation and change
  • Operational marketing


Providing tools

Askin also provides you with a ticket management solution for the testing phase of your projects. Created by Askin, Smarthelp is our bug management solution that allows you to inform us about the last changes you want to make to your project before its on-line availability.


After your project being on-line, it is also possible to provide long-term support by proposing you a technical maintenance service.


When our client doesn’t have internal resources to design the visual aspect of their projects, we do not hesitate to propose them graphic design services. We bring our competencies in usability to advise you on the interface of your project. We can also create the webdesign of your site or application doing the mock-ups and prototypes of every view of your project.

Digital Marketing


SEO is a key traffic driver for our clients having an indexed website. That’s why Askin goes beyond the Google friendly sites creation developing its SEO activity to offer an even more complete range of services:

  • Technical audit
  • Lexical audit
  • Popularity audit
  • Strategic thinking
  • Technical optimizations (site layout, speed, redirections, etc.)
  • Lexical optimizations inside tags and contents
  • Writing and/or writing support
  • Positions monitoring and reports creation
    Paid referencing

Paid referencing

Askin also proposes to support you in the management of your Google Adwords campaigns. Our team have passed Google certification to testify to their skills in campaigns management.