Askin is an agile web development agency. We respect the 4 values and 12 principles of the manifesto to honor our four core values!


Putting the customer relationship and its satisfaction at the heart of our processes!

As specified by the manifest, Askin is an agile web agency that favours « collaboration with clients more than contractual negotiation ». Askin ensures the availability of its collaborators to implement the project within the given deadlines, and in general our commitment until the client’s entire satisfaction.


To guarantee the durability of the delivered services!

An agile agency « keeps focus on the technical excellence and proper design » (agile Principle n°9). Askin is committed to delivering a quality and commented code to its customers.To ensure total transparency with its clients, Askin realises 99% of the client services internally. None of the development services is outsourced to third-party companies without advance warning to the clients, or realised in near-shore or off-shore. All of its development services are almost exclusively carried out by the team in the office in Lyon 3rd.


By adapting and being reactive facing big challenges!

Adaptation to change is more important for an agile development agency than monitoring a plan. This enables to adapt to the evolving needs of each client. It is also in this way that it is possible to innovate.


Thanks to the commitment and passion of our team!

Askin makes sure that its staff continuously improves its skills so to develop quality projects, at the cutting edge of the latest technologies.
The whole team meets every day to share, help and coordinate each other’s tasks. Our co-workers, passionate about their job, even participate to Lyonnais web ecosystem events linked to Python, agility or the web more generally.


Askin is a partner more than a provider!


The digitisation of companies is a major issue for them, but they are often left behind this digital revolution. Askin supports them in the digitisation of their business processes by developing customised business applications which meet their specific needs. Askin also helps companies to express their needs and advises them from the beginning to the end of their projects. That’s why Askin is a true partner for its clients.

Askin supports both VSC (very small companies)/SMEs and large companies to digitise their business processes. For example, we have created different types of applications: workflow, planning, reports application, CRM, ERP, etc.

The digital acceleration in progress is an opportunity to seize now!