A web application is an application software available online from any web browser. It is an application that does not need to be installed on a computer. This is particularly the case of SaaS software (Software as a Service). For instance, Slack is a business application in SaaS mode. Today many applications for businesses are web applications.

The technologies used to develop these applications for companies are the same as those used to develop websites. That’s why developing web applications for businesses is one of our main activities at Askin, to help companies digitize their business processes.


To develop a web application: why?

There are many benefits to developing your custom web application. First of all, a business application for your company must meet your specific needs and that is why we favor personalized development.

A business application saves time because it always meets a need that has been defined upstream. Improving communication and optimizing tasks are some goals that can be addressed by developing a web application for your company.

The key benefit of the web application is also its universal accessibility. It is available on many devices: PCs, tablets, smartphones. All data is centralized on a server and is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere connected. It is therefore often recommended to develop a responsive web platform.


Askin supports you in managing the security of your web platforms

A web application does not necessarily mean accessible to all. Askin is aware of the security constraints that its customers may encounter. We make every effort to secure your applications. Access restriction by identification and certificates is a common solution for many projects.


Askin also supports you in the management of your project of web applications implementation within your company. For example, we are at your disposal the day of the application’s activation for your teams.

Finally, we also build web platforms for customers who want to market their solution. Do not hesitate to tell us about your projects!